Dream Job

My dream job was to become a doctor. I have always wanted to help people and I love science so I wanted to be a doctor. I would create a company called Healing Touch. The company would be a group of doctors that would only make house calls. They would have no “formal” office which to see patients, but would use a mobile health van if necessary. Once a week, they would roam the streets, providing basic health services to the homeless and displaced people in their region. The organization would be a for-profit organization and its mission goal would be “To provide more personal, human touch to your healthcare needs”. My five operative goals are to: Increase the profit margin of each quarter in FY16 by 5% from the previous quarter and the year-end margin by 20% for a cumulative total of $22.6 million (starting base of $5 million from last quarter of previous year), Creating a pilot program through the University of Alaska Medical School system that will pay for tuition of aspiring doctors and nurses who commit to a minimum of 5 years of service with us after completion of their programs, thus enabling the company to grow, Increase our regional market share in Anchorage from 2% to 15% by the end of fy16 with advertising targeting the elderly and disabled, Install employee retention programs aimed at retaining the most talented employees such as 30 day paid vacations and employee vehicle purchase programs (a $30K cash assistance) designed for employees that commit to an additional 5 years of service, and a $40k innovation award for employees who are able to improve process or create inventions that result in a 10% decrease in expenses or a 5% increase in profits. I believe the organizational structure most appropriate for my business would be functional. Doctors are intelligent people, but anyone who has ever worked with one will tell you that they are the worst at organization because of the amount of work involved in day to day operations. Let the doctors do what they do best; help people! Here is what my organizational chart would look like: Functional Organizational Chart



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