Culture Exercise

  1. The organization is very personal, much like an extended family.
  2. Management style is characterized by innovation and risk-taking.
  3. Management style is characterized by teamwork and participation.
  4. The organization is dynamic and changing, where people take risks.
  5. The organization is stable and structured, with clarity and established procedures.
  6. Management style is characterized by high performance demands and achievement.
  7. The organization is achievement oriented, with the focus on competition and getting jobs done.
  8. Management style is characterized by security and predictability.

Clan culture- total for questions 1, 5:  Total score of 4

Adaptability culture- total for questions 2, 6: Total score of 6

Mission culture- total for questions 3, 7: Total score of 13

Bureaucratic culture- total for questions 4, 8:  Total score of 13

My most compatible culture is the clan culture. I believe this to be the case because I believe employees to be the most important asset an organization has. I would like to have a sense of purpose and belonging in the organization. I also would like to feel valued. I think that is the most important thing to me. I need to feel that my voice matters.

My least compatible culture was a tie with mission culture and bureaucratic culture. With mission culture, in my opinion, I believe that when you place an extremely high premium on performance alone, you tend to lose focus of the individual and start to think of employees in terms of dollars and cents instead of as human beings. The bureaucratic culture is a culture that I have experienced before in the military and I hated it. It is too mechanistic and it frowns upon the individual mentality. I need freedom every now and again.


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